The latter part: with gratitude to you

I was informed again. The fear of the earthly desires that cover around this world, this city. The fear against humans who are trapped in the this and persecute the weak with wrong perception. I knew again how fearful emotions the weakness of human hearts creates.

People who ridicule

I feel this world sad, too sad… Why is that so?

But, Gonzo in front of me would never notice such a feeling of me.
Well, so, it is likely that this child committed the crime for the first time this time. However, thanks for you, this child returned the dried fish to me, formally. And I gave it to you. Well this is so-called my offerings to you.

Gonzo said so, looking at the child girl trembling beside me.
“As a result, what the child there did will be offset, somehow.”
“Gonzo, then.”
“Yeah, I’ll forgive her only this time in your honor.”
“Yeah, but don’t forget, it’s only this time.”
“Yeah, thank you, Gonzo. Truly thank you.”
I put my hands together toward Gonzo and recited so leaving this to my mouth heartedly.

“Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu. Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu.”

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“No, stop it. I am not died yet.”
“No, please let me say, Gonzo.”
I said so looking at Gonzo’s eyes.
“I could get this dried fish thanks to you. And in addition to this, you now saved this child girl who is panting with sufferings in this city.”

Is there anything more gratifying? Is there anything more gratifying?

After I put the dried fish Gonzo gave me in the bowl I recited again toward Gonzo.

“Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu. Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu.”

“Hey you.”
Gonzo looked at me with a quizzical look.
“It’s been on my mind for a while, why do you always recite Namu Amida Butu like this? I think the word is toward the dead.

“No, it’s wrong.”
I was always waiting the word comes.
“Nenbutu is not only for mourning the souls of the dead. The Nenbutu of Namu Amida Butu is also the word of appreciation for you letting me alive.”

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