First part: Gonzo, a captive city person.

Gonzo, I just want you to do your best for someone else, in your place, in your position. As a Bodhisattva striving for the salvation of people in this world. Just keep on going leaving all distinctions, discrimination, wisdom and complaining behind. I sincerely hope that this would lead you to the paradise Jodo, the world of “empty”. Sincerely from my heart.

“Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu. Namu Amida Butu, Amida Butu.”

Kuya's image

“Gonzo, please receive this.”
I, Kuya, was about to hand over the dried fish to Gonzo, a marketer of dried fish in Higashi city. It was a thing a certain child girl who came to the city tried to steal from Gonzo’s Ichikura (Ichikura means a shop) out of sheer hunger. The child was the one who was regarded unclean because of her soiled appearance and her about-to-die physiognomy and was the one despised from the people in the city, who called her the “Dead Stain Child”.

Can you give this back to the owner of Ichikura?
I said so with smile toward the child girl who stole the dried fish from Gonzo, after crouching down to her eye level.
This dried fish is very important to the owner of Ichikura. That person makes a living by selling this to others. That’s how he supports the lives of so many people. So, if it was stolen, that man would be in a lot of trouble.
I smiled, patted the child girl on the head and spoke.
“So, please return this for that man. If you’re looking for food, I have some for you. So, it’s okay. It’s okay.”
When the child girl who heard this, she made a little smile on her face and nodded, then silently handed me the dried fish.

“All right, all right, good girl. Thanks for giving it back.”

I find that candor irresistibly cute, and I couldn’t help but gently stroke the child girl’s head once more.


Now, I tried to return the dried fish to Gonzo, but he said nothing. He just stares at the dried fish with his eyes as if he were looking at something dirty. Then he said one word to me.
“I don’t want it. I don’t even want to touch anything touched by a dirty kid.”
I continue with my words, half in disgust.
“The child is not dead yet. So, there is no way this dried fish is contagious with filth…”
When I said that much, Gonzo held out his right palm and stopped me from talking.
“Even so. I don’t even want to touch anything touched by a dirty kid.”
“Oh, yeah.”
When I heard the word, I felt very empty and sad. This Gonzo, too, has become a person who persecutes the weak, caught up in the troublesome notion of “defilement” in a world of ruins. What a surprise.

There is no such thing as dirt anywhere to begin with.

It is just the notion humans self-created out of fear of God’s wrath and aversion to death. The child girl who stole the dried fish was despised by everyone, who called her the “Dead Stain Child” from her looking battered and ready to die. But there can be no such thing. First, death stains are caused by touching a dead or incomplete corpse. But look, she’s not even dead yet. Therefore, there can be such thing as uncleanness in the dried fish.

Image of Amitabha Buddha

All people are living the same life equally in the light of Amida Buddha at this vey moment. There is no longer any discrimination or distinction there. Nowhere, it shouldn’t be there.

Part 2: continue to “Gonzo’s offering”.




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