Open to the public in 2015
Director: Alan Taylor
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cool and handsome hero

It’s old, but not a clunker.

It is OK to say that this just expresses the theme of Terminator New Start (Genisys) in a word. Succession of failures? Terminator that newly started welcoming Schwarzenegger again to make Terminator sequel a success this time. However, the Terminator failed again at the box office and was universally panned by critics, and stopped functioning immediately after its new launch.

But this film is by no means a failure. When you look at Schwarzenegger, who was 67 years old at the time of filming, as the axis, we realize that this is actually an extraordinary film.

In the future after the nuclear war, John Conner who led the survived human beings and won the battle against machine corps which dominate the earth. However, the machine corps, at the just moment before its defeat, used time machine which is their last trump card and sent murder machine terminator to Los Angeles in 1984 before John was born. In order to terminate Sarah Conner who is John’s mother and prevent his birth. John who knew that in order to save his mother used the same time machine sent out Kyle Reese who is the soldier of resistance corps in 1984. Well, although people might think that the same battle would be repeated again then, the development went on to unexpected direction.

Kyle Reese who arrived at Los Angeles in 1984 safely. However, Sarah Conner whom he met there was not a weak woman, but had already been a strong female warrior and been making battles against terminator (Lee Byung Hun). In addition, while working together in action with another terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who must be her enemy originally. Kyle who astounded by the unexpected event. Why has the past changed? Why has Sarah been working together in action with the terminator? Sarah told Kyle who was confusing.

“Everything has changed. This is my new mission.”

In this way, the new story of terminator restarts here.

A cat with a telekinetic device attached
Although this story reset all of terminator’s stories and reborn as new story once again, the essence of this story is not to prevent the nuclear war any more. It is in the point that we can enjoy the world strongest super elderly (or a machine) Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unbelievable powerful actions.


At first the story starts from Los Angeles in 1984 but after that they time-slip to 2017 using a time machine. Although Sarah and Kyle can make time-slip the Schwarzenator who can’t accompany them for some reasons, is going to wait the two for 33 years as it is.

At the time of his appearance in this film, taking into considering that he is 67 years old, he would be 100 years old after 33 years after. It is not strange that he will be wobbly old man when he has reached such age, you are great, Arnold Schwarzenegger because you will never become such. His change over time is that his hair has become complete white at best, we cannot help surprised as his strongest is even more powerful.

・Schwarzenegger who is walking upright keeping a straight posture even in his 100 ages.
・To shoot down a helicopter with an enemy terminator on board, he diving from the sky and hitting the helicopter with a bang! Schwarzenegger who blew up and shoot down the helicopter as it is, soon afterwards, he reappears (and nearly unharmed) as if nothing had happened.
・And to top it all off, Schwarzenator who makes a spectacular one-on-one fight against the T-3000 who is the substandard and most powerful terminator by all accounts.
・In addition, T-3000 is beat up by the 100 year old terminator, which should have been obsolete by now and is forced to struggle against the odds. And then, at the end of the film, he did something even more spectacular and we have no choice but to laugh at the following development.

Dowa ~~ Hah hah hah hah! How unexpected it is!!

Girl laughing hysterically

Good, this! Ah hah.

It’s old but not a clunker. Rather, Schwarzenegger embodies the state-of-the-art way to live that anticipates the 100-year life period in this film. Even he became older, he has evolved and been stronger on the contrary not being obsolete in times. Getting old doesn’t mean degradation or aging. It is just to evolve and grade up.

Well, you who are reading this now! Your life will restart from here just now!

Oh, oh. Look this, the transformation belt is around your waist! Well, let’s together♪

Kyui ~~n☆ Trurururu ~~~↺↺

A man posing for a transformation

Restart! Transformation!! Set up!!




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