It was finally delivered to me!!

I will eat it with a big bite♪♪

Well, it’s gorgeous and fantastic♪

Yes, it’s delicious!!

I was having lunch at hamburger steak specialty shop located in Kitaoji for the first time in a while at that time. It is Grill and Coffee Hasegawa the famous place known for people being able to eat amazingly delicious hamburger steaks which are very famous in Kyoto City as well. It can be said that it is the most loved shop for its neighbors as well as Kyoto people. I who say so have visited the shop for many years.

Appearance of Grill Hasegawa.

Appearance of Grill Hasegawa. Photographer: Mr. Bourbon.

The inside of the shop was like retro and warm café. It welcomes me as usual, which makes me feel inexpressible comfort from the moment I enters the shop. How many years the time has passed, the atmosphere remains the same.

The menu I’ll have today in such a retro atmosphere is this.

Three, two, one… Pork cutlet and Hamburger steak!! Doo~~~!!
Hamburger steak and pork cutlet set

Well, it’s your turn, rice!!

Hamburger steak and pork cutlet set with rice and miso soup, 1,210 yen. Photographer, Mr. Bourbon

Ha ha ha ha ha♪ Look at this. This volume! I’ll eat it greedily. Oh, it’s delicious. How delicious it is! This sense of touch, this softness, and this hamburger steak with delicate and maximized hotness is melting in my mouth. Oh, it’s superb. Well, next I’ll eat this pork cutlet! Although I have eaten ones many times, I am never fed up with it. I’ll enjoy it immediately today as well. At first, naked pork cutlet with accompanied ketchup.
It’s crispy♪


A girl to impress
Wow… this feeling of pork cutlet with full of crispiness as usual is irresistible.
I was welcomed by crispy deep fry batter outside and elastic thick juicy pork inside.

Customers , welcome to this shop♪♪

Well, as I opened the holly door of pork cutlet, next I’ll have it with ketchup dipped to it. By this the level of deliciousness will complete further level-up.


Now, the pork cutlet level will be power-upped!!

Kung-fu woman


Wow! Ruahhhhh!!Baku!!

Oh, oh… The miraculous fusion is going to take place in my mouth the moment the deep fry batter of pork cutlet and acidity of ketchup match delicately and reach the pork inside it. Oh, this makes me go to the world after death passing through the heaven. And lastly, I’ll eat hamburger steak, pork cutlet, and vegetables alternately. This is the way I feel to eat deliciously~~. Hamburger steak, pork cutlet, and vegetables, all of which are delicious superbly. The serving and seasoning are really great. I admire you, Grill Hasegawa.

You have good sense.

Of course, there are many super delicious menus besides hamburger and pork cutlet set I ate today. For example…,

Fusion, yeah!

Dodon Don Dodon!!

Burg spaghetti


Hamburger steak and meat-sauce spaghetti (plus salad) 1210 yen. Photo shooter, Mr. Bourbon.

Hey you, I’m not hamburger steak nor spaghetti. I am what defeat you, yes I’ll defeat your tongue.
About the taste of it, you should ascertain by eating by yourself. I’m waiting your challenge!

That’s all, this is my number-one recommendation to come when you come Kitaoji. I think there is no option not to come here.

Well, this is shop information I prepared for you. Please look at this thankfully.

The shop name: western lunch Grill Hasegawa.

  • Address: Kyoto prefecture Kyoto city Kita district Koyama Shimouchi Kawaramachi 68.
  • Telephone number: 075-492-9921 (lunch box)
  • Opening hours: 11:00 ~ 20:30 (lunch box) ※Closed between 15:00 and 17:00, The restaurant is open between 11:00 and 20:00.
  • Official account:グリルはせがわグリルはせがわ
  • Regular holidays: Mondays and third Tuesday of the month(when it is a holiday, the next day is off.)
  • Seat capacity 30 seats (restaurant)
  • About smoking: Smoking is not allowed.
  • Estimated budget is from 1,000 yen to 1,200 yen (lunch box).
  • Access by public transportation:
    train: about five-minute walk from Kyoto City Municipal subway Kitaoji station.
  • Parking space: three cars.
  • Check: recommend lunch and take-out.
  • Consideration: ※space for selling lunch box is only for take-out. ※lunch box is take-out only.




京都三条会商店街北 薬膳&カフェ 雅(みやび) サイト制作・運営 一般社団法人シシン