I’m watching you in the temple illuminated with golden lights. I’m watching you for long with a big smile becoming “Mikage” in front of us. That’s true, your life is now engraving the time of eternity going paradise. And next time is our turn to welcome you who became the new living person, the Buddha to the living world. In order for us who were left to have hope and live in the future after now. In order for us to live with you eternally. We welcome you to the living world as a precious Buddha.

Well, the dead was reborn now and became a new living person. Although the life went to the paradise the soul will return to the living world as Amida’s Dharmakaya Buddha, and become the protector of us as an eternal Buddha. Well, let’s think from the bottom of your heart. And let’s welcome the Buddha from the bottom of your heart. By praising “Namu Amida Butsu” together.

Clip art of monk

Namu Amida Butsu, “oh, Amida Buddha, I believe you and entrust all of myself to you.”

Many memories that I spent with you are around my head now.

Dharmakaya Buddha, it is a Buddha that makes the thoughts its body. That means it is the important memories between you and us. What you taught us, the memories with you, your pictures and what you used, and other wide range of memorial tokens. All of them continue to live as Dharmakaya Buddha, and keep supporting us.

To praise “Namu Amida Butsu” here is that you in me become Dharmakaya Buddha called Amida Buddha, and to entrust myself to you, and live together my new life again with you who became Buddha.


To live with Dharmakaya Buddha.

Clip art of woman praying to Buddha

We’ll step into the new days that we have ever seen with you who became Buddha. In order to race the baton of life anywhere in appreciation for the linkage and support up to now. In order for us to be the support someone else using your thoughts as our power.

I won’t forget. I won’t never forget that time I spent with you. The thoughts you gave me would never disappear. All you gave me would never disappear. Now you’ll become eternity in me. And you will engrave new now together.

As long as I am living, your thoughts will be continuing anywhere. Let’s live together from now on too. And let’s engrave now together. On this land that lasts forever.

Clip art of sunset

My life is in the paradise and my soul is with you forever.
I am always seeing and protecting you.
So, I won’t say good bye. Please be friendly from now on too.




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