Rambo’s ridiculous crush! Song dairies!!
Unusual road (FFVI) “From the theme of shadow”

“Ah, I have nothing to do. How nothing I have…”
At that time, the legendary free man ridiculous Rambo couldn’t escape from being free.
Being too free made him up to near death.
Being too free rotted my brain miso completely and it was about to blow up.
Oh, it was dangerous… Two second was left before the timed device of my brain miso activated and blew out…

Oh…Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!

As I was exclaiming like the ridiculous since I wanted to watch Tarzan,
the god of the heaven who thought that he couldn’t see it any more finally made a revelation!
“Hey! Don’t exclaim like a ridiculous, you, the fool!
If you are so free make this, the very fool”

This is how this song was created.

“Unusual road”

The chance is as such. As I remembered there were such game of Super Nintendo in the past. Final fantasy VI. (Actually, I prefer VI to VII very much.)
If I attached lyrics to “the theme of shadow” of final fantasy VI what would be made?
Thinking to solve being free, I made sloppily in play like this was created.

Oh, by the way, I’m sorry, shadow…
The ridiculous Rambo remembered something abruptly.
I didn’t give you a helping hand in the demon continent. I couldn’t wait in the demon continent.
I remembered abruptly. I’m sorry as I killed you completely.
However, this is not a memorial song. I think it must be a song…

Well, please listen to this.





Unusual road (FFVI from “the theme of shadow”)

Wearing unusual winds, while whistling, I go wandering the road of the moment.
Leaving myself to loneliness, without getting used to anyone, I live this time now. Embracing emptiness in an unchanging world, I carve the unchanging present.

Going through the rough wilderness, being exposed to headwinds, roughing body and mind is the destiny while living in this world.
Showing my hollow eyes, looking at the sky with melancholy, what seen in the eyes are nameless drops that illuminate hope for tomorrow.

I’ll leave it to you in the flow of time, leaving it to myself as it is, as it is blown by the wind.
I’ll leave it to other powers to live without resisting and carve a fleeting present with hollow pain carved into this body.

Dededede ~~~!! That’s all!!




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