Good morning!
This is Kurama Tengu.( ̄▽ ̄)b

I, who like Ramen very much and have reached to create the Ramen site, would like to write about the Ramen affairs in Kyoto these days.

Masutani Kyoto Station shop's Ramen

It is said to be “Masutani” near Ginkaku Temple, that pork bone soy sauce Ramens which are called the original Kyoto Ramens originated. I have gone to eat there several times, and it was the Ramen shop which offered very delicious Ramens. It is a famous shop that is open at Ramen Koji in Kyoto station, isn’t it? Starting there, starting with Iicho, Akatuki, it is the flow that pork bone soy sauce Ramen shops have spread in each place in Kyoto, isn’t it?

When I started the food reports of Ramen, I was mainly going around the shops of pork bone soy sauce Ramen, Actual situations today are that besides pork bone soy sauce Ramens, every genre of Ramen shops are competing to open stores. What attracts my attention these days, there are increased shops that offer seafood-based tsukemen, Taiwan mazesoba, and even soy sauce Ramens that attracted little attention in the past.


Soy sauce Ramen

I these days am going around mainly famous shops of soy sauce Ramen, and enjoy the taste of light and delicious Ramens. In regard to soy sauce Ramen, the tastes are completely different between the soup made without much consideration and the soup with complete calculations which considered its ingredients. I think I have gradually understood the taste of soy sauce Ramen somewhat.(^o^)

The Ramens I have to mention additionally are salt based Ramen or miso Ramen. I would like to find delicious shops by actually visiting there.




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