Nice to meet you! Hello, good evening!

I’m a man whose handle name is “a cat wearing short shoes”. (Short shoes=Tangutu)

I was a health care worker in the past, and also have worked in the industry which is so-called craftsman.
I have a hybrid way of life as an interested party of designated intractable disease named inflammatory bowel disease and mental illness. I would like to write articles along with my feeling that “Can I help various people by using the experiences I gained while facing intractable diseases and hindrances”.

While currently doing Web-related work at A type office I am transmitting various information of the welfare system.

My hobbies are making things, touring cafés and so on. They are too many to introduce at once. Smile.
I would like to introduce them while writing articles from now on!

Please, be welcome me! (´∀`*)ノシ




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