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Zuishinin is a temple of the temple of Shingon Zentsu Temple sect in Ono, Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City. Ninkai Monseigneur, who is a disciple of the eighth generation from Kobodaishi, is founder, and he petitioned to the emperor in 991, which is the age of the Ichijo emperor, then he was given this place and built one temple.

It is known as a temple related to Onono Komachi, and there is a stone monument of Onono Komachi in the grounds. There is a plum garden called Ono Plum Garden in the precinct. It was regrettable that the plum was not in full bloom when i was taking a picture, but it will be beautiful in full bloom.

On March 25, there will be a festival called “Hanezu-odori and Imasama”. “Hanezu” is a archaic word which rosy color, and the Koubai of the Sui Heart Academy has been called “Hanezu” from ancient times and has been popular. In this “Hanezu-odori and Imasama”, beautiful girls who wore the Hanezu colored costume and the tube hat show off the Warabe song and the dance in the table stage of the precincts, and reproduce the love of Onono and Fukakusa General.

In addition, the foliage is from the middle of November. The Ono Festival will be held from mid-November to early December (depending on the year). At the same time, it is lit up at night, so that visitors can enjoy the foliage.

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所在地 〒607-8257 京都府京都市山科区小野御霊町35
電話番号 TEL 075-571-0025
FAX 075-572-3690
E-mail info@zuishinin.or.jp






駐車場 あり(無料)
サイトURL http://www.zuishinin.or.jp/

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