The place is in the downtown in Gion Shijo. When going through the street with many people we can encounter a shop with a quaint atmosphere that is very Kyoto-like.

It’s Gion Tujiri.

Exterior view of Tsujiri's Gion branch
It offers Uji tea, tea equipment, Match sweets, cold sweets (Match ice cream etc.), coffee, and its history dates back to 1860.

Oh, I go for something cold.
In such situation, we can have Match ice cream at Tujiri.

And on the second and third floor in Gion Tujiri main shop, there is Saryo Tujiri which offers a variety of delicious sweets in an atmosphere with Japanese motif that is typical of Kyoto! We can go to this place by elevator in Tujiri main shop as well as by stairs.

At any rate this place is wonderful.

Special Tsujiri parfait hojicha

Special Tujiri parfait hojicha
1595 yen (tax included) (This image was transferred from Facebook).

Of course, we can have beautifully presented parfaits but

one of the recommended menu items is the “Taste Test,” where you can enjoy a variety of flavors such as shiratama dumplings and green tea strawbimochi little by little.


Taste Test 1: Shiratama dumplings, green tea strawbimochi, etc.

“Taste Test” 1298 yen (tax included)

Taste Test 2: Jelly

The Gion area is the most Kyoto-like downtown area in Kyoto!

Yasaka Shrine crowded with people

The area is also home to Yasaka Shrine, Chion-in Temple, and Maruyama Park, and the Hanamachi area is very crowded with people. If you want to take rest, go for delicious sweets and Kyoto-like sweets while walking in such Gion area, why don’t you visit Saryo Tujiri?

Saryo Tujiri (Gion main shop)





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