How are you all? This is the defeated soldier. Let’s continue the story right away.

As soon as Amenouzume-sama answered, Amenokoyane-sama and Futodama-sama gently presented the mirrors that Ishikoridome-sama and Amanoakartama-sama had made earlier to the Iwaya-do. When Amenokoyane-sama and Futodama-sama placed the mirror in the Iwaya-do, they touched the door and gently placed a small flaw on the mirror, which remains to this day.

When the mirror was shown to Amaterasu Omikami, she finally became suspicious. (One theory is that Omoikane-sama’s trick caused Amaterasu’s image to be reflected in the mirror, and when Amaterasu Omikami was misled into thinking that there was a god more noble than herself and that everyone was overjoyed, as Amenouzume-sama had said, he tried to grab her hand, and that it is also said to be used to locate Amaterasu Omikami when Amenotajikarano-sama grabs her hand.)

And just as Amaterasu Omikami stepped out of the Iwaya-do, the god, Amenotajikarano, who was standing hidden by the side of Iwaya-do, took Amaterasu Omikami by the hand and pulled him out of the Iwaya-do.

Immediately afterwards, Futomada-sama stretched a rope (shimenawa, also called shirimenonawa) behind Amaterasu Omikami (one theory is that this was to prevent her from going back, and also to prevent her from going back inside the heavenly Iwaya-do.)
He said “Since you are already inside this shimenawa, you cannot return outside it (inside the Heavenly Iwaya-do.)

(Shimenawa is used to protect the Shinto shrine and it represents the sea and waves, and shidare are made by people who put their hearts and souls into their creation (shidare at Izumo-taisha shrine represents fire and shidare at Shirakawa-ryu and other shrines represent thunder). It has been believed that inpurities cannot enter and we are all benefited and protected by honoring the gods.)

Thus, when Amaterasu Omikami appeared, the light of the sun goddess shone and brightened both the field of high heaven and the Land of Reed Plains (Ashihara no Nakatukuni), filling the whole land.

(To be continued)

Amaterasu Omikami




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