I, Kurama Tengu have become in the middle age, my abdominal circumference has gotten worse finally. I, Kurama Tengu has a diet method that I have been practicing before. I, Kurama Tengu have succeeded in decreasing my weight by 16kg before by this method.

I thought I would like to lose my weight the other day, too and I succeeded in losing my weight by 3kg in a month!

For those who wish to lose weight but have difficulty losing weight, please refer to this!

Diet Before and After


1.The secret to succeed in diet.

The diet is to make starvation in bodies intentionally. The body which lacks the nutrients gained from foods try to gain energy by combusting fats that are accumulated in bodies. The resulting decrease in body fats lead to losing weight. However, you should not be pleased with simply losing weight. The body weight you decreased by sweating in such as sauna returns to the normal when you replenish water. To the last, the important thing is to decrease body fats.

You implement diet by two directions. One is to limit the amount of food intake. This is simple but it is the most important. The second is aerobic exercise. By conducting both of these, you can put a load on your body at once, which leads the body to combusting body fats. However, to say which is more effective, dietary restrictions or aerobic exercise, it is absolutely dietary restrictions.

Also, it is important to keep diet. Check the effects of diet by measuring your body weight at regular time everyday for example, after you wake up or before you eat dinner. One day effect varies daily, I think it is proper to lose about 100g per day on average. For example, if you lose weight by 100g daily and keep it for 30 days, you could lose weight of 3 kg a month. If this keeps for 12 months, the decrease of 36kg!? This is a bit too overdoing. (I think in reality, it is impossible to keep practicing diet for such a long term, diet puts a load on the body, so it is dangerous for health.)

2.Dietary restrictions

2-1.What you care about when you eat

Less than half a serving of white rice

The most important thing in dietary restrictions is to limit the intake of sugar. For example, it is to make the amount of rice at dinner below the half of bowl. I think it is OK by about one forth to one third. And eat the rice as if it is a valuable food. The reason to decrease rice at dinner is it is all right because people go to sleep after having dinner and don’t wake up until next morning even if they get hungry.

Also, you should avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes, spaghetti, and corn and so on. When you have to eat these, let’s make the amount of rice to zero instead. It is what you take care about because several days of efforts would become in vain at once if you make the day a holiday for diet.

And when you eat noodles, you should always have it by Kake (such as Kake soba) in the meaning of refraining the intake. And let’s drink the soup up. It is a knack that you are aware to satisfy with soup not only by noodles.

As for vegetables, it is OK to eat unlimitedly basically. You won’t gain weight if you eat a lot of less sweet vegetables especially Japanese white radish, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, komatsuna, and so on. As for tomatoes, they are kind of fruits according to nutritionists so you should refrain from them. As for vegetable juice, it has much amount of sugar unexpectedly, so you should not drink it.

I make a special effort to eat soy products during diet. I often eat tofu, fried, natto and so on, by image that I eat them instead of meats. (It is OK that you don’t care about a little amount of oil.)

I also meats as I want, leaving their fats. But you had better not have greasy stuff, such as pork cutlets, minced meat cutlets, fatty grilled meats and steaks. It is OK that you don’t worry about eating fish dishes.

You should not take snacks, fruits, and ice cream completely. Patience is needed if you would like to be slim. You can’t make your body slim if you aren’t able to reject the offer for snacks at the gathering of workplaces or friends. If you can’t suppress your desire to eat them you should loosen the limit them a little at breakfast. (I don’t recommend.)

You can drink tea and water as you like. You don’t have to worry as the intake of water leads to temporary increase of weight, but the water doesn’t become fat and it will be ejected as sweat and urine for a while after.

Diet puts a load on the body when you make hard efforts. Sometimes you feel dizzy from malnutrition if you have gone too far for a diet because the body weight is decreasing daily. Try to alleviate the dietary restrictions a little, thinking the dizziness is the sign of your too much effort. Also, the author tries to refresh by eating two pieces of nut chocolate when I don’t get the idea because my brain is tired due to work, while on diet.

2-2.Diet products and so on

While you are on diet, the starvation keeps generally always, the food is needed to deceit your hunger. The best thing to do when you are hungry is to drink black coffee. When you drink black coffee, the stomach becomes a little irritated, which can suppress food appetites It is OK to add milk into coffee. When you wish for sweetness, let’s add pal suite a little. When it is summer season, let’s take ice coffee without sugar, and the author’s recommendation is “Excella bottle coffee without sugar” by Nestle.

Also, when you want the sweet, you can depend on artificial sweeteners. The author’s favorite is Japan cola zero by Pepsi. I drink it on the rocks. Although it has no calorie, it brings us some satisfaction as we feel slight sweetness.

When you want to eat something at any cost or you aren’t satisfied with the amount you eat, let’s eat cabbage. You cut the cabbage into small pieces by kitchen knife in advance, and pack it into Nylon bag with zipper and cook it until wilted by warming for two minutes with electronic oven without sealing completely for bleeding air. You should preserve this in refrigerator and take out the amount you want to eat and eat it sprinkling with ponzu sauce and you can have it deliciously.

As for snacks that are less likely lead to increased weight, I recommend Kimchi, too. The taste is thick and brings us the feeling of satisfaction, it doesn’t have so much calorie.
You had better eat it without too much salt. (You shouldn’t eat it with rice.)

To tell the addition, you need to think together that when you try harder and harder on diet the older and older the body gets aging, thinking that diet is to create starvation intentionally. Then, regardless you do diet or not, taking sesames a lot, which is said to be effective in anti-aging because of its antioxidant effect or making it custom to drink green tea every day (it is said that deep-steamed green tea is good.) can expect the effect to suppress the aging caused by diet.

3.Aerobic exercise


Diet is more effective when you combine with aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is not short exercise that we use instantaneous power such as 100m dash or muscle training, but the exercise that we keep putting a load with light level on body for a long period such as walking, jogging, and underwater walking. By keeping exercise for a long time, the body takes oxygen from lung and as a result, the body fats will burn. This is aerobic exercise.

And when the aerobic exercise begins is said after about 20 minutes after we start exercise. That means to tell from this theory, the exercise within 20 minutes is anaerobic exercise and it has no dieting effect. On the other hand, to draw the dieting effects to maximize level, you should do aerobic exercise as long as possible.

The author, who thought so, keep on walking for about 1 hour a day and as long as I could. This is certainly effective for diet. However, there was one trouble I experience: hip pain. Keeping on walking for a long time for many years, led to extreme decrease in hip cartilage. Once this state comes it takes a long time to recover the cartilage, and we can’t do walking due to pain for several months to several years.

This way, the conclusion I reached to is that it is appropriate to keep walking for 40 minutes or so every day for diet.

And recommendation for those who are fatter than the author is underwater walking in the pool. With this, however longer you walk it won’t put burdens on legs and waist due to buoyancy of water, which cause hip pain. I think it is no problem if we walk over one hour every day.


The author is feeling to be lighter so much such as being able to run lightly on my way to work, by succeeding in 3kg diet this time. Of course, it is same as we were walking holding 3kg of dumbbell with me until now.

When people become middle age, they are more likely to get weight by accumulating fats in the body, we would like to enjoy as we want walking around lightly for work, trips and sightseeing only when we get old. Of course, the slim body attracts people of other gender. Sloppy body won’t be dealt with by their favorite person, will it?

This is why, I ask if you try Kurama Tengu style diet method.

Caution) Please do diet at a reasonable pace all the way. Be cautious as dizziness is a sign of too much efforts of your diet.





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