Everyone, nice to meet you.
My name is “Kazamidori
I was born in Kita-ku, Kobe and I am Kansan people who lived in Kyoto from elementary school days to college days.
My handle-name is cited from the hall of Kazamitori that is in Kitano Ijinkan near my born home.

Kobe Kitano-zaka

My job is the staff at outpatient welfare office for handicapped people just like Kurama Tengu, and I am doing updating works of mainly handicapped person’s notebook site and barrier-free information site.

My hobbies are driving and tripping, and I like to drive to further places on the weekend. I think I wish I could introduce various little-known spots in Kyoto!

Also, I like Tuke Men very much and often go to eat one.
Although it might be evil way, my boom is eating Tuke men with its noodles made hot. (smile)

Please welcome me although my update frequency may be low.




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