Oh, what a laid-back space it is! What a relaxing space it is! It is good enough to be here forever…. Today, I am spending a laid-back time at the café, moving to Horikawa Kitaoji with Kyoto City bus on my way back after I went to see Kinkakuji Temple wrapped in gold just because. I feel here is absolutely comfortable. Whenever I come here, I can relax. Inside the shop is peaceful and has Showa retro feeling makes me feel nostalgia. I slowly entrust myself sitting down on a fluffy sofa. Only by doing so allows me to spend very relaxing time. Inside the shop, classic music is played, which makes my heart relaxed further as a healing music. Yes, how many times I come here, here Hisui is a retro café, the one and only healing space.

The ambience inside the shop 2

The ambience inside the shop 1 (Cited from the official site)


I chose Ogura hot cake as a partner for spending slowly in such a healing space today. It is my most favorite menu in this shop, Husui. Furthermore, there is a service attached that it has bigger size than the sample hot cake outside the shop. For this reason, I nearly always cannot help ordering it. Plus, the combination of Ogura Ann, butter and syrup creates delicate balance, which makes the hot cake more delicious. It is just the best partner for this healing space.

Ogura hot cake 750 yen (taken by the author)

Ogura hot cake 750 yen (taken by the author)


There are other menus besides hot cake in Hisui. It serves for example sandwiches, many toasts and set meals for people who dine here lightly as refreshment, and it covers larger size for each menu so that people who would like to eat plentifully as lunch or dinner can enjoy. In addition to this, it is this shop’s commitment that all of these are handmade. I can see the staff’s attitude that cherishes their customers very much.

Cheese toast

Cheese toast 550 yen (taken by the author)

Tonkatsu set meal

Tonkatsu set meal960 yen(taken by the author)

In addition, coffee, tea, and soft drinks including banana juice are substantial and plus you can take and read manga books such as Price of Tennis, SLAM DUNK, and Fist of the Blue Sky and magazine freely. The café where we can spend very full-filled time in the air of retro nostalgia. It is the best attraction of Hisui.

There is not so much such a laid-back space although it seems likely. How about recalling and visiting here unintentionally when you are tired on your daily life or when you go to sightseeing around Kinkakuji Temple? I’m sure your fatigue will be alleviated.

Café Hisui