Oh, I’m hungry. What am I going to eat today?
Oh, what is this?

It’s one afternoon’s event. I would like to tell you about a shop I found while walking along the Sanjo Fuyacho Street without intention.

That is Sarasa Fuyacho.

Sarasa Fuyacho Exterior #1

Well, what encounter with delicious café is waiting for me today?

Sarasa Fuyacho Exterior #2

I’ll enter there immediately.

The appearance inside the shop (Transferred from X, the former Twitter)

Inside the shop

It seems to have 1st floor and second floor in the shop. There are several counter seats on the 1st floor. I think the shop has so-so nice atmosphere. It’s just good for lunch.

Well, what kind of menus are there in Sarasa Fuyamachi? Let’s look at them together.

Food Menu

I see, there are many kinds. Well, which menu should I choose?

Sweets Menu

OK. I chose this today.


Taco rice

Taco rice (1000 yen)

Look at this taco rice. Can you make it like this? Actually, this is my first time to eat taco rice. As I heard it only by name, I was thinking there was octopus living in the sea in it, but there wasn’t.

In fact, the taco rice is the combination of two words “tacos” and “rice”.

What is tacos?
I’ll explain it. This is tacos!

In the Mexican language, ‘taco’ means ‘to wrap’ and the name tacos is derived from the fact that the ingredients are wrapped in the skin. As the origin of the word suggests, the dish has its roots in Mexico and the USA, but taco rice is said to have originated in Okinawa Prefecture around 1980.

Anyway, I ate it deliciously. Next time when I come here, I wonder I’m going to order the shop famous chicken plate. Plus I would like to order some desert.

I could have a enjoyable lunch today, too.
Thank you very much.

Sarasa Fuyacho