Hello, everyone. Sometime has passed since the beginning of August, but how are you doing? Hot days have continued every day. The sky is blue, but it is trouble to walk around under the too active sun illuminating the ground. So, today, I’d like to introduce Japanese sweets just suited to hot summer days.

Here such Kyoto sweets are sold.
It is Tawaraya Yoshitomi (Today, I’ll introduce its Ogawa shop).

Exterior view of Tawaraya Yoshitomi Ogawa Store

Tawaraya Yoshitomi is a long-established Kyoto sweets store established in 1775, selling a variety of Kyoto sweets. First of all, one of the most well-known representative confections is called “Unryu” (cloud dragon).

Unryu, a famous confectionary

“Unryu” (972 yen)

It is a batter called “Muraume-an” and is made up to the confectionary with unique appearance rolled of Ogura-an (sweet bean paste).

This is a masterpiece created by Tawaraya Yoshitomi’s seventh generation confectioner, Ishihara Ryujiro, who was impressed by the “Cloud Dragon” (by Kano Toshun) owned by Shokokuji Temple in Kyoto, and expressed the strength and grandeur of a dragon in his confectionery.

“Unryu” each handmade by craftsmen has a unique and deep flavor, and is still loved by people today.

And here is a seasonal and original Kyoto sweets that is unique to the summer season.

Creative Yokan Mizuakari

Creative Yokan “Mizuakari” (1,080 yen)

This is Tawaraya Yoshitomi’s original creative yokan, a summer sweet that makes you feel cool just by looking at it. I felt it wasteful (but I ate it deliciously).


Oh, it not only for confections. The Tawaraya Yoshitomi Ogawa store is also adjacent to a sweet shop called “Salon Tawaraya.”

A short walk down the alley leading from the entrance…

Alley leading to Salon Tawaraya

You will reach a sweet shop that looks like this.

Appearance of Saron Tawaraya

Well, what kind of sweetness can you expect to find here?

Saron Tawaraya Menu1

This is the menu.

Saron Tawaraya Menu 2

There are a variety of sweets available, but this time I ordered this one.

Shiratama Uji KintokiShiratame Uji Kintoki (990 yen)

Look at this shaved ice. This shaved ice is huge, but very fluffy and mouthwatering is perfect for the hot summer. Moreover, they were courteous enough to provide hot tea, which stuck a perfect balance between cold and warm. The hot tea warmed my cold body a little and brought it to just the right body temperature. It was delicious.

Tawaraya Yoshitomi is a famous Kyoto sweets store that has been loved by people throughout its long and distinguished history. Please come and visit here.

Tawaraya Yoshitomi Ogawa Store

  • 〒602-0062
    Kyoto City Kamigyo Ward Teranoich dori Ogawa Nishi Hairu Hokyoin Higashi town 592
  • TEL: 075-411-0114
  • FAX: 075-411-0114
  • URL:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Public transportation:
    5-minute-walk from Kyoto City bus “no.9” or “no 12” system stop Horikawa Teranouchi”
    15-minute-walk from Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma Line “Imadegawa” Station
  • Business hours:
    Tawaraya Yoshitomi Ogawa store: From 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
    Regular holidays: Tuesdays
  • Salon Tawaraya

  • Business hours: 10:00~16:00
    Business hours are subject to change during the summer season only, so please check with the store before visiting.
    Regular holidays: Tuesdays
  • Seat capacity: 10 eats
    No private rooms
  • About smoking: (Smoking is allowed only in terrace on the 2nd floor.)
    ※Please check with the store before visiting as the law concerning measures against passive smoking (revised Health Promotion Law) has been in effect since April 1, 2020 and may differ from the latest information.
  • About parking: No.15 (1 car) in Hogyoji parking lot