Hello everyone. This is a cat wearing short shoes!

I’ll introduce you the café I went the other day.

It is Maeda coffee Muromachi main shop. It is located in the place we go north a little from Hankyu Shijo Karasuma station. It is a long-established coffee shop which started its business in 1971.

Maeda Coffee Muromachi Honten

(Cited from Homepage)

The appearance of appearance of Kyoto which make us feel the history of its half a century since it began its business is very fashionable. I had the impression that it is actually all-round full-blown coffee shop where we can drink professional coffee and it looks good in photos.

What I ordered was this cafe latte. To say why I ordered café latte in the shop where we can drink full-blown roasted coffee, it is because I like the café latte most… Smile.

Maeda Coffee's Cafe Latte

A cup is being carried to me whose illustration is very cute. I feel the shop’s history from the shop’s employees whose appearance was crispy suits and slacks and aprons.
The menu of full-blown roasted coffee is here.


We can taste the Kyoto and the atmosphere of this long-established shop by the more because of their naming which we can feel the Japan such as “Ryunosuke”, “Ushiwakamaru”, “Benkei”. Being able to see its skilled roasters working is also one of the best things of this shop.

Maeda Coffee's menu

Maeda Coffee's work process

(Cited from Homepage)

The atmosphere of the shop makes us relaxing and the shop has a great line up of food menus and sweets, and we can have a relaxing time there.

Maeda Coffee's cake

Maeda Coffee's product line

Maeda Coffee cookies, etc.

My first café diary was about “Maeda coffee”.
It was the introduction of coffee shop for people who want to drink roasted coffee in the relaxing atmosphere rather than going to a café which is fashionable and where young people gather. Please come and visit there.

See you in the next café diary!

Maeda coffee Muromachi main shop

  • Location: Kyoto City Nakagyo district Takoyakushi street Karasuma-nishi-iru Hashibenkei town 236.
  • TEL: 075-255-2588
  • Regular holidays: no
  • Opening hours: 7:00-19:00 (Last order 18:30)
  • URL: