Oh, how comfortable here is! I want to do so on the sofa endlessly.

I am spending very spacious time now in that café located in Kyoto City Kita district Senbon Kitaoji. The lighting whichi is not too bright and to say which, focusing the darkness illuminates inside the shop, which creates the calm atmosphere inside the shop being conscious of a wooden house effectively. Inside the shop, various manga and magazines are placed and people can spend relaxing in the calming house without being fed up with endlessly. No, even without these, we can be relaxed forever. Oh, it’s superb, too superb. The hideous café in Kyoto, Machiko. (Photographer: ridiculous Rambo)

Appearance of Cafe Machiko

While being wrapped by such a calmness, this is the menu I ordered today.

Caramel Nut Chocolate Pancakes

Caramel nut chocolate pancakes: 880 yen

Hey, do you want this!? I will give you rope plentifully.

Well, watch there how I eat this deliciously.


Wow, wonderful, it’s worthwhile. This chunky volume with one pancake. Wonderful! The matching of cholate sauce and nut on the pancake is also great. With the sweetness of chocolate and the fragrance and crunchy feeling of nut being matched goodly the taste of chunky and soft pancake becomes richer. In addition, if eating with ice and cream attached, it is amazingly irresistible.

Nooo~~~~! It’s sweet and delicious♪


The hideous house where I can eat such a delicious pancake in addition spend endlessly without being fed up with in the atmosphere of calm and relaxing house. Such hideous houses seem to be not so many.
Of course, the menu includes a famous item with high volume, Machiko hamburger and a variety of lunch plate besides pancakes, and we can spend fulfilled lunch time.

Cheese burger

Cheese burger(930-yen)

This really is the best place to be. I will definitely come back.

I can always visit ・・・・・ as often as I like.

Shop information

Café Machiko

  • Address: Kyoto prefecture Kyoto city Kita district Murasakino shimomikoshi town 17.
  • Reservation and inquiry 075-451-2033
  • Business hours:
    [Monday through Thursday]: 11:30~20:00
    [Friday and Saturday] 11:30~21:00
    [Sunday]: 11:30~17:00
    ※The business hours and regular holidays may differ from the stipulation above due to the influence of new corona virus. If you want to visit us, please ask the shop for its opening beforehand.
  • Regular holidays: No holiday except for New Year holidays
  • Access:
    ■Access from the bus stops
    1-minute walk (63m) from Kyoto City bus no. 101 system Senbon Kitaoji bus stop.
    2-minute walk (130m) from Kyoto City bus no. 206 system in front of Light house bus stop.
    5-minute walk (330m) from Kyoto City bus no.12 system Funaokayama bus stop.
    There is no parking.
  • Seat capacity is 50 seats.
  • There are no private rooms and counter seats.
  • Smoking areas are separated.
  • Impossible to charter.
  • Possible to enter with your children.