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京都の街並みの一覧 List of Town in Kyoto


哲学の道Philosopher's Walk

16views 左京区, 街並み, , その他


There is a cherry blossom row called "Kansetsu Cherry" on the Philosopher's Walk which continues from the east of the intersection of Shirakawa Street and Imadegawa Street to Marutamachi Street, and it is crowded with a lot of cherry blossom-viewing visitors every year.


大映通り商店街Daiei-dori shopping street

12views 右京区, 街並み


Daiei-dori shopping street is a shopping district in the vicinity of Horinouchi-cho Uzumasa Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi. From east to Arashiyama Electric Railway Uzumasa station west to the vicinity of Arashiyama Electric Railway Katabiranotsuji.


嵐山公園Arashiyama park

17views 右京区, 公園, 街並み, , 紅葉


From my house, I took the Kyoto municipal subway to Uzumasa Tenjingawa station, then I changed trains to Arashiyama railroad(common name:Randen) and arrived at Arashiyama station. It took long time. Arashiyama is very famous among foreigner tourist, and many of them are European people and Chinese people.


祇園石塀小路Gion Ishibekoji alley

22views 東山区, 街並み


Ishibekoji Alley, it is where you went a little south of the Gionyasaka shrine. The entrance is so small that it is not noticeable. It is in a place that is really hard to find.


一乗寺ラーメン街道Ichijoji ramen street

387views 左京区, 娯楽, 街並み


From the intersection of Higashioji Street and Kitaoji Street (Takano) to the north, the area is called the Ichijoji Ramen Street, and is Kyoto's premier ramen shop battleground. There are a lot of main stores of the famous ramen shop here.


京都駅周辺エリアJR Kyoto station area

10views 下京区, 娯楽, 街並み


When I arrived at Kyoto Station in Jr, the first thing I saw was Kyoto station. The area around Kyoto station was undeveloped and there were few places to play, but in recent years, the area has been re-developed and there are many places to enjoy.


祇園花見小路Gion Hanamikoji street

39views 東山区, 街並み


Hanamikoji street is one of the streets leading to the North and south of Kyoto city. The south side of the Shijo street is lined with a venerable Ochaya-san and restaurant.


松ヶ崎疏水Matsugasaki Canal

15views 左京区, 街並み,


Matsugasaki Canal (aka: Sosui) flows along the Shirakawa Canal road leading to the Kamo River in the Matsugasaki water purification plant and the south of the Botanical Garden on the West Bank of the Takano River.



7views 山科区, 娯楽, 街並み


If you go from Kyoto City to the east of Sanjo Street, there is an intersection with the slope which continues to Shogunzuka. If you climb the road for a while, you will reach Shogunzuka.


祇園祭宵山Gion Festival Yoiyama

6views 中京区, 下京区, , 街並み


The Gion festival is the biggest event of the summer in Kyoto. "Maematsuri" at July 16 and "Atomatsuri" at July 23 that they take place the day before the Yamabokojunko, and they are called Yoiyama.



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