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This is about “the tour of café in Kyoto”.

The place I’ll introduce this time is “timepiece café” located Shijo Kawaramachi in Kyoto City. Shijo Kawaramachi is the busiest downtown in Kyoto, but this café isn’t directly faced with the street and it is a so-called “a hideaway café” which is in the deep of a building.

Inside the shop is cohesive, very relaxing and fashionable atmosphere with Scandinavian interior.

timepiece cafe entrance

timepiece cafe interior

timepiece cafe's table and sofa

(Cited from Official Site)

I have visited this shop several times and I think the customers are females or couples and relatively young people. However, it has the space that time flows quietly and slowly combined with hideaway elements and the shop’s relaxing atmosphere.

Not only being fashionable but also there being firmly made sofas double our comfort. Although it depends on how crowded there is, it is a very good café for those who want to have their own times such as reading books a little or writing something.

And what I ordered was “sweet and spicy meat miso bowl lunch” and by paying 100 yen, it can be made large-sized one. I eat very well, but my berry was satisfied enough by large-sized one.( ´∀`) smile.

The menus are substantial as there are pastas and curry and rice else.
Among them, I think the limited quantity “fluffy egg and grilled cheese special omelette rice” might be the lunch menu that is unbearable.( ´ⅴ`)

Sweet and spicy meat miso bowl lunch

Sweet and spicy meat miso bowl lunch

timepiece cafe's coffee

Coffee after meal

As we can choose set drinks or mini deserts when we order the lunch, we can spend the relaxing time further having drinks and sweets after enjoying our meals.

I stayed there for about two hours, and it was a mentally very relaxing time.

Since there are tea time and dinner time except for lunch time, how about you who are looking for a hideaway café in Kyoto visiting there without fail.

This time was the introduction of timepiece café in Shijo Kawaramachi.

timepiece cafe

  • Location; Kyoto City Shimogyo district otabi town 19 Ikeyoshi building 3 and 4 floors.
  • TEL: 075-221-6226
  • Regular holidays: none
  • Business hours: 11:30-23:00 (Last order 22:00)
  • URL: