The green tea lunch time. I am about to die due to hunger. Belly bugs, belly bugs, belly bugs, my belly is rumbling~~♪

Hurry up and feed me♪♪

Gugu ~~~ …

So as usual, I came to this restaurant to fill my stomach on the verge of starvation.I’m happy to see you!


Tea house Suisen

Exterior view of Saryo Suisen

Yes,here is the tea house which is rumored that we can enjoy the authentic match sweets in Kyoto. In addition, listen and be surprised. Here is a wonderful place where we can have delicious lunches else them.

Inside Saryo Suisen

Inside the shop (Transferred from Facebook)

We can spend very good time in the quiet and calm space and with the atmosphere of the restaurant, which has a blend of Japanese and Western influences.

Then let’s have it.
I’m going to eat all of it.

Give me the dish, please.

Passionate people

Well, the first item on the menu today is ~~~ this.


Here it is.

Kyoto’s matcha soba.

Kyoto’s matcha soba.


Rice ball

With rice ball. (870 yen)

This menu is just right for lunch. And it’s also economical and delicious. It has been a long time since I had kitune soba, but the sweetness of the fried bean curd and the moderately warm sauce matched each other, and I enjoyed it very much.

And today’s main dish! Come ~ yes! Suisen Parfait!

Suisen Parfait

Suisen Parfait (1250 yen)

Look at this volume. It looks compact in size by one sight, within it spreads a very rich and profound Suisen Parfait World.

Matcha ice cream, matcha bracken rice cake, and matcha cake with three dumplings. And more matcha dorayaki and more.

A dream parfait filled with Japanese sweets luxuriously.

Not only that!When you dig down, there is more matcha cake and dice-shaped coffee jelly underneath. The matcha parfair which is very luxurious and we can have only here was there.

It was very delicious. Thanks for the meal.

Tea house Suisen Karasuma-Oike shop