Oh, I don’t like him! That fucking geezer!

Auntie who is pissed off
What in the world is that no-good husband thinking? What does he think I am? Who does he think is always cleaning the rooms and cooking the meals? He can’t do anything on his own, imo. Ohhhhhh, I’m so mad!

In times like this, it’s a machiya café tour ~~~~!

Rattle, rattle, rattle♪
Excuse me ~~~~.


Picture of its appearance (Taken by the author)

Exterior view of Machiya Cafe Marble

Oh ~~~, it’s superb here, whenever I come here.

Stress is a thing of the past.

Inside the store, too, you see.

Inside Machiya Cafe Marble

Picture inside the shop (Cited from facebook)


How fashionable inside the shop is! I don’t know if this is enough to convey the atmosphere of the renovated machiya townhouse, but it really is a stylish place. It is moderately loose and very calm. That alone is very satisfying to me. And it’s not just the interior that’s fashionable. Even the waitstaff, the menu that comes out, and the tea…

Everything is fashionable.
For proof, look at this.

Anchovy and tuna quiche plate with tea and soup, 1,250 yen.

Anchovy and Tuna Quiche

What do you think? This balanced quiche plate.

Lemon tea in a stylish glass mug.

And tea in a stylish glass cup.

Café Marble Bukko-ji shop. Here is a really wonderful place. In addition, perhaps because of the nearby Bukko-ji Temple, I gradually reached a state of enlightenment while spending time and eating….

Anyway, I had a very peaceful and serene time.
I’m not lying. It’s true.

Smiling Auntie

So, thank you.

Café Marble Bukkko-ji shop

  • Location: Kyoto City Shimogyo district Bukko-ji Street Takakura Higashi Hairu Nishizen town 378
  • TEL: 075-634-6033
  • URL:
  • Instagram:
  • facebook:
  • Public transportation:
    Exit from the fifth exit of Subway Shijo Station and four-minute walk east on Bukko-ji Street. The north side of Bukko-ji Temple.
  • Opening hours:
    11:00~20:00(Last order 19:30) Operational on Sundays
  • Regular holidays: the last Wednesday
    Due to the expansion of New Corona Virus infection, there might be possibility that opening hours and regular holidays differ from the stipulation. Please make sure to the shop beforehand when you visit the shop.
  • 36 seats (First floor: two four-people seats, three two-people seats, three one-person seats, one counter seat. Second floor: three four-people seats, two two-people seats, 1 tatami seat.
    No private room, Impossible to charter, smoking is not allowed in all seats. (Smoking is allowed outside the entrance.)
  • No parking. There is coin parking nearby.