Oh, it’s again, again “wanting to go to Machiya café symptom” in me is about to develop.

Oh, oh, I can’t endure it any more.

So, I went there. The name is Machiya café Karirenge!

The appearance of the shop. (Taken by the author)

Exterior view of Machiya Cafe Karirenge

The place where we can reach entering Anekoji from Karasuma Oike and then entering Yanagi-no-banba Street and the word “secret place” is most suitable. Located at the end of a narrow alley, this café is easy to miss. Well, the place is an extremely quiet place and there are a variety of books near counter seats and we can spend in an extremely relaxed air. It was a Machiya café for me to linger for hours easily as it was comfortable.


The atmosphere inside the shop. (Transferred from official face book)

Atmosphere inside Machiya Cafe Karirenge

My personal recommendation is matcha milk cake and blend coffee.
Mild green tea milk cake and blended coffee

Mellow green tea milk cake (800yen)
Blend coffee (660yen) taken by author

The cake is soft, and the taste of creamy green tea is beyond description. We can have it very deliciously with its flavor enhanced further and with sweetness of the cake and the bitterness of the coffee being matched when having it with coffee. It might be good to come here when you want to spend slowly and mellowly, yes, because it might heal you as it is a small place.

The shop information

The shop name: café Karirenge