Hello! This is Miyabi.
This is my first posting in blogs of Kyoto people.
Thank you in advance!(^^)!

I went to Doutor coffee Kyoto Shijo Street north store where I sometimes go in my work holidays. This shop is spacious, and being different from shops I often go to, and we can enjoy the atmosphere for example, spending time there in a different atmosphere. The music plays inside the shop, which calms our heart down. Last time, I went there in the afternoon, there were many people as no seat was unoccupied, but this day I went there from a little past 8 A.M. to a little past 9 A.M., so there were fewer customers and the seats were unoccupied and I could spend a relaxing time there.

Inside the shop was fashionable as there are long tables, tables for one person, and face-to-face desks. It is the most suitable space for those who spend alone, study something or read books or spend with other people.

When entering the shop, it is spacious as there are long tables near the register and tables for one person and face-to-face desks in the back and in the middle of the shop. Also, we can spend time slowly and quietly and study there as there are pictures hanged on the wall and there are woods and greens inside the shop.

I usually order iced coffee, but this day was my work holiday and had time, so I ordered “iced Okinawa kokutou latte, small size (367 yen)” that I have wanted to drink for the first time.

There was ice in the middle of the latte, and it was delicious because of cold and sweet vanilla flavor. I got to like it very much since it had taste that I have ever drank before as it became just good adding milk to the smell of kokutou. After drinking it up, I felt it was a rich time that makes me wish to drink it again.

In Doutor, there are still many drinks I am aiming at besides the products I ordered this time. There are foods that I want to eat such as sandwiches, toasts and desserts except for winter season only products and drinks. I recommend the café when there is time or you want to spend time slowly there.