Oh, isn’t this place home?

This was my first impression when I visited that café.

The café located in Hanami Koji in Kyoto Gion, which I have long been curious about, and I could eventually visit there for the first time this time.

The appearance is just like Machiya.

Exterior view of Café Fugetsu

When I entered the shop thinking it was an ordinary café…

Oh, there is a threshold…
I thought that I had visited someone else’s house.

So I checked the name of the restaurant again, but I was sure this was the right place.
Here is Café Fugetu. Taking my shoes and entering the shop from the threshold, then I found several counter seats being lined just to my left side.

Inside the shop was very quiet and fashionable place where people can spend quietly there. Looking around the surrounding, in addition to the counter seating, there is sofa seating for four people and a tatami room in the back from which a garden can be seen.

The café was a machiya café run by a family that had converted a “machiya that has been passed down for four generations in Gion town, one of Kyoto’s five flower districts, which still boasts old traditions and splendor”, “excerpt from the website) into a café.

What I ate there this time is this sweet.


Chilled Kyoto-style zenzai with tofu shiratama

Chilled Kyoto-style zenzai with tofu shiratama 830 yen.

It looks very cute, chilly and delicious.
Since this day was hot, it is just the chilly sweet day.
In addition, I have not eaten zenzai recently at all, so it is a long time no see.

Look, there are matcha ice cream, shiratama, and chestnut shining yellow. They are huddled comfortably in the holy spring of azuki, zenzai, waiting for me to eat them.


I’ll eat it. Baku!!

Well, it’s sweet and delicious♡ It’s sweet and cool♡

A happy boy surrounded by angels.

Oh, yes, by the way, Fugetu is a daytime café that anyone can enter during lunchtime, but at night it is a home bar, which is not open to “first-time visitors.”
No, please note that if you call yourself “Mr. Onizuka” instead of the first-time visitor, you will only be laughed at.

Café Fugetu

  • 〒605-0074
    Kyoto City Higashiyama district Gion town Minamigawa 570-8
  • TEL: (075)561-5937
  • URL:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Transportation:
    Five-minute walk from City Bus Stop “Gion”.
    Ten-minute walk from Keihan “Gion Shijo.”
    Please make a call the shop if you don’t know where the shop is. We’ll guide you there.
    If you come by taxi, please tell the driver that to the east at Gion Hanamikoji Shijo sagaru 4th street.
  • There is no parking space. Please use parking lot nearby.
  • Opening hours: am: 11:00-pm: 5:00. On Sundays and holidays: it is open until 7:00 p.m.
  • Regular holidays: On Mondays. Please note that we sometimes close our shop besides Mondays.
    We will inform you of our regular holidays on our website and Twitter, but we would appreciate it if you could call us before coming to the store.