夕日のキラメキ一乗寺 Yuhi no Kirameki Ichijoji shop

お食事レポート Gourmet Report


I went to “Yuhi-no-kirameki” in Ichijoji to try to experience the Taiwan Mazesoba that was recommended to acquaintances living in Nagoya on SNS. This shop was always lined up in front of the store and I was anxious.




Because I hated to line up, I entered the shop about 11:20. I was able to sit down immediately. There are 10 counter seats in the restaurant and two tables.

The menu is basic chicken white soup ramen ¥700 and Yuhi-no-mazesoba “Naotaro” ¥750 (with rice). I ordered Mazesoba here without hesitation. The price of noodles were same among small, medium and large, so I ordered a large. The man of the clerk is cooking ramen with a practiced hand.






This is what came out. The colorful and vivid Taiwan Mazesoba. Topped with leek, leek, seaweed, garlic, fish meal, minced meat, egg yolk. The noodles are thick straight noodles, and the soup seems to have pork bone soup in the bottom of the bowl. I heard that Mazesoba is the one to stir these with chopsticks and the noodle spoon well and to eat.

The impression that I tried to eat. It might be similar to the taste of seafood-based Tsukemen. It is very spicy because there are a lot of flavor vegetables. It was a texture that I had never eaten before. Personally, I thought that the mazesoba of this place was more delicious than seafood-based Tsukemen.

I tried to put a lemon pepper and curry powder because it was written that I would put the spice and change the taste when I ate 2/3. It is certainly interesting to change the taste.

After I ate the noodles, I poured rice into the bowl of ramen. I ate delicious. In the photograph, it is thought that the amount is modest at first glance, but it is actually a shop of the type which eats a lot. It was a great satisfying ramen!


詳細 Details

店名 夕日のキラメキ一乗寺
所在地 京都市左京区高野玉岡町33
交通アクセス ・叡電「一乗寺駅」下車、徒歩約4分
営業時間 11:00~15:00(ラストオーダー14:30)
定休日 不定休
公式サイト http://kiramekinotori.main.jp/


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