京都のラーメン店特集! Special feature of Ramen shops in Kyoto!
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京都のラーメン Kyoto ramen shop

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京都の味噌ラーメンの一覧 List of Miso in Kyoto


ラーメンてんぐ常盤店Ramen Tengu Tokiwa shop

69views 右京区, 豚骨しょう油, 味噌,


This is a pork bone soy sauce-based Kyoto ramen shop in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City. The side menu such as dumplings and small basket packages is substantial.


ラーメン天Ramen Ten

63views 山科区, しょう油, 味噌


Ramen Ten-san is located near Route 1 in Yamashina-ku. They offer soy sauce ramen and miso ramen.

らー麺創房 ぱこ

らー麺創房 ぱこRamen sobo Pako

52views 右京区, しょう油, 味噌, , つけ麺




京都塩元帥Kyoto Shiogensui

61views 下京区, しょう油, 味噌, , つけ麺


The Shiogensui of the chain shop of the salt ramen from Osaka opened in Kyoto too. The soup which was taken from a lot of materials such as pork bone and chicken Gala is superb.


らぁ麺すぐるRamen Suguru

105views 左京区, しょう油, 味噌,


It was newly opened at Shugakuin Sakyo-ku and it is "Ramen Suguru". The soy sauce Ramen of homemade noodles is superb.

来来亭 一乗寺店

来来亭 一乗寺店Rairaitei Ichijoji shop

73views 左京区, 豚骨しょう油, しょう油, 味噌, , こってり, 冷麺


Rairaitei, who advanced to the ramen battleground Ichijoji. A wide variety of ramen noodles are offered, starting with deep tasting soy sauce.


白樺山荘Shirakaba Sanso

74views 下京区, しょう油, 味噌,


It is a shop "Shirakaba-sanso" of the Sapporo Ramen in the corner of the noodle alley of Kyoto. This is a shop where you can enjoy authentic miso ramen of Hokkaido in Kyoto.

たかばし BiVi二条店

たかばし BiVi二条店Takabashi BiVi-nijo shop

61views 中京区, 豚骨しょう油, しょう油, 味噌


It’s the branch of the Takabashi Ramen which originated in Kyoto. It’s gives me the greatest satisfaction.

スガキヤ カナート洛北店(閉店)

スガキヤ カナート洛北店(閉店)Sugakiya Quanat Rakuhoku shop (closed)

61views 左京区, 豚骨, 味噌, , 担々麺


Sugakiya of the Nagoya area chain store. It is a nostalgic taste that I often ate when I was a child. I went to eat after a long time.

がんじん堂熊五郎 ポルタ店

がんじん堂熊五郎 ポルタ店Ganjindo Kumagoro Porta shop

65views 下京区, しょう油, 味噌, , つけ麺, まぜそば


Ganjindo Kumagoro is located at the Underground Shopping Mall Porta which is directly linked to the JR Kyoto Station. You will enjoy this place not only for the ramen but also the seafood donburi (a bowl of rice topped with fresh seafoods) and other yummy dishes.

大勝軒 千代原口店

大勝軒 千代原口店Taishouken Chiyoharaguchi shop

68views 西京区, しょう油, 豚骨, 味噌, こってり, つけ麺


The Kyoto branch of the Tsukemen (dipping soup style) chain restaurant in Tokyo. The Kanto style sweet soy sauce soup is authentic taste.

餃子の王将 宝ヶ池店

餃子の王将 宝ヶ池店Gyoza no Ousho Takaragaike shop

84views 左京区, 豚骨しょう油, しょう油, 味噌, こってり, 冷麺


The Gyoza no Ohsho Takaragaike branch is wide shop, and has a large selection of items. Various kinds of ramen are prepared also.


徳島ラーメン東大Tokushima Ramen Toudai

56views 下京区, 味噌


Tokushima Ramen Todai is known as a miso base ramen, located at the Ramen Koji (the Ramen Theme Park) in the JR Kyoto Station building. You can put as much raw egg in your ramen as you like. They are originally from Tokushima prefecture in Shikoku island.

餃子の王将 北白川店

餃子の王将 北白川店Gyouza no Ousho Kitashirakawa shop

54views 左京区, 豚骨しょう油, しょう油, 味噌, こってり


It is the Kitashirakawa branch of the Gyouza no Ohsho originating in Kyoto. There are various kinds of ramen, and it is provided at a relatively low price.


魁力屋本店Kairikiya main shop

67views 左京区, しょう油, 味噌,


The Kairikiya is located in the south of the intersection of Kitayama and Shirakawa streets. This restaurant is the original shop. The main ramen is the back fat - soy sauce base ramen.



56views 左京区, 豚骨しょう油, 味噌,


Iicho is located a little hidden from Kitaoji street in the Shimogamo Sakyo-ku. This is also a famous restaurant of the Kyoto style ramen.


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