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このサイトについて About this site

ごあいさつ Greeting




Welcome to “Kyoto Tourism Net”.
In this site, we are planning to disseminate various information about Kyoto, as well as photo collections and information on sightseeing spots in Kyoto and the ramen feature of Kyoto.

First of all, I would like you to experience the depth of the culture, and the beauty of four seasons, of the city of Kyoto for a thousand years in the photo collection and columns of shrines and temples and other tourist attractions.

Next, on the feature page of Kyoto Ramen, we would be interested in the unique ramen culture brought up in Kyoto, which has the characteristics of a student town, and I would appreciate visiting your favorite ramen shop when you come to Kyoto.

日英言語完全対応 Japanese-English Bilingual support


On this site, we have all the contents in Japanese and English, for all of you who are interested in Kyoto and visitors from overseas. Because we are making it in consideration so that you can enjoy Kyoto enough even just content that has been published, please appreciate it slowly and at ease.

観光地写真集の見方 How to view a collection of tourist spots



In the individual pages of the Kyoto Tourist spot page, you can click on the thumbnails that are displayed (tap on the smartphone) to view photos at large screen size.

In the photo viewing screen, you can turn the photo in the PC version by the navigation at the bottom of the page or the left and right of the keyboard cursor key (← →). In the smartphone version, you can swipe the photo to the left or right to turn the photo. You can also exit the photo viewing screen by swiping up and down.

著作権について About the Copyright


The copyright of the photograph and the text which is published on this site will not be waived. The act of copying and reprinting without permission of our company (General Incorporated Corporation Shishin) is strictly prohibited regardless of commercial or non-commercial. Please contact us from the inquiry page about the purchase of the photograph which has been published on this site.

写真への人物の写り込みについて On the image of the person in the photograph


As for the photograph which has been published on this site, there is the one that the person’s face is reflected in the convenience of the content. As for the photograph of the person, we are taking care not to become a disgrace of the person who is a subject though, if the person feels uncomfortable with his photos on this site, as long as the person in question, if you contact us from the inquiry page, it is possible to respond to the blur and mosaic processing in us.

リンクについて About the link


This site is basically link free. No prior consent is required. If you want to request a reciprocal link, please talk about it from the inquiry page.

画像付きリンクにつきましては、下のバナー画像をご使用ください。 Please use the banner image below for the link with the image.

京都観光ネットのバナー(日本語用)Kyoto Tourism Net banner (for English)

京都観光写真ウェブとの関係について About the relationship between the Kyoto Tourism photo Web


Some of the photographic materials posted on this site overlap with the Kyoto Tourism photography web. This is because the author of this site is the author of the “Kyoto Tourism photography web”, and this site is because the author belongs to the “General Incorporated Corporation Shishin” was produced.


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